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Welcome to! We invite you to browse around our site, try one of our classes, and discover the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of practicing yoga.


  • Rached Maalouf
    Learn more about Rached...
  • Darlene Maalouf
  • Sandy Heath
  • Adrianna Ruane
  • Rebecca Inzunza
  • Jan Spain
  • Sunrise Rickard
  • Sylvie Harwin
  • Harumi McPhearson
  • Chloe Edge
  • Junko Ritts
  • Jill Weigt

We also invite you to download the following informative PDF documents:

  • No Denial!
    A Handbook for Becoming a Socially, Environmentally, and Personally Responsible Citizen of Planet Earth
  • The Feet
    A helpful document about the importance of our feet to our bodies, our lives, and our yoga practice

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