433 W. Grand Avenue Escondido, CA 92025
Sattva Yoga Center

Light ♦ Goodness ♦ Purity A beautiful yoga studio in Escondido, CA

Sattva Yoga Center

Light ♦ Goodness ♦ Purity A beautiful yoga studio in Escondido, CA

Established 2002



Open 7 Days a Week

Yoga Classes for All Levels in Escondido, California

Hatha Yoga ♦ Yin Yoga ♦ Kundalini Yoga ♦ Meditation ♦ Strength & Conditioning Training


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cat h. ♦ san diego, ca

I started going here 5 years ago at the advice of my doctor due to all the aches and pains of sports. Yoga and Sattva have truly transformed my life--from flexibility to mindfulness, it has improved my life in so may positive ways!  It is a true yoga center and you get an amazing practice to boot. The instructors listen, explain why you are doing a particular pose, why you should be doing it in a particular way, and don't forget your root locks! And best of all, the aches and pains are gone! 

Martha l. ♦ escondido, ca

After practicing yoga at Sattva for several years, my osteoporosis was downgraded to mild ostopenia. Yoga keeps me strong and makes me feel younger! The studio has become my home away from home. What sets Sattva apart is a faithfulness to true yoga, with teachers providing proper alignment to assure that students don't get injured. The vibe here is so welcoming, supportive, and spiritual.  

gina m. ♦ escondido, ca

Sattva is a safe space to begin a practice and get personalized, non threatening, authentic yoga instruction minus all the hype. If you already have a practice going, it is a place to get quality, hands-on adjustments, push yourself to the next level, and gracefully. It's a really great studio because you can go to either calm down or build up a sweat working out. No matter who you are, yoga will help with relaxation as well as flexibility, strength and balance. And like I always say: "It's cheaper than therapy"  :)